Accurate Tarot Card Meanings: List For Love, Feelings & More

Learning the Tarot card meanings is the first step you need to take on your Tarot reading journey. Here on the Divinerism website, you can find a list of all Tarot card meanings. This list includes what every card means when it appears in a general reading, love reading, as a yes or no, and more. 

This is a list of every Tarot card meaning. If you own a card that you do not see here, feel free to comment on the bottom of this post with the name of the card and deck and I will tell you which card meaning you should refer to.

To read every Tarot card meaning, click on the name of each Tarot card: 

List of Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Meanings

0: The Fool  |  01: The Magician02: The High Priestess  |  03: The Empress  |  04: The Emperor  |  05: The Hierophant  |  06: The Lovers  |  07: The Chariot  |  08: Strength  |  09: The Hermit  |  10: The Wheel of Fortune  |  11: Justice  |  12: The Hanged Man  |  13: Death 14: Temperance  |  15: The Devil  |  16: The Tower  |  17: The Star | 18: The Moon  |  19: The Sun  |  20: Judgement  |  21: The World 

Wands Meanings

Ace of Wands  |  Two of Wands Three of Wands  |  Four of Wands Five of Wands  |  Six of Wands  |  Seven of Wands  |  Eight of Wands  |  Nine of Wands  |  Ten of Wands  |  Page of Wands Knight of Wands  |  Queen of Wands  |  King of Wands 

Cups Meanings

Ace of Cups  |  Two of Cups  |  Three of Cups  |  Four of Cups  |  Five of Cups  |  Six of Cups  |  Seven of Cups  |  Eight of Cups  |  Nine of Cups  |  Ten of Cups  |  Page of Cups  |  Knight of Cups  |  Queen of Cups  |  King of Cups 

Swords Meanings

Ace of Swords  |  Two of Swords  |  Three of Swords Four of Swords  |  Five of Swords  |  Six of Swords  |  Seven of Swords  |  Eight of Swords  |  Nine of Swords Ten of Swords  |  Page of Swords  |  Knight of Swords  |  Queen of Swords  |  King of Swords 

Pentacles Meanings

Ace of Pentacles  |  Two of Pentacles  |  Three of Pentacles  |  Four of Pentacles  |  Five of Pentacles  |  Six of Pentacles  |  Seven of Pentacles  |  Eight of Pentacles  |  Nine of Pentacles  |  Ten of Pentacles  Page of Pentacles  |  Knight of Pentacles Queen of Pentacles  |  King of Pentacles 

Tarot Card Names

Tarot card meanings list
Some Tarot card decks have renamed certain elements. For example, on this Wild Unknown Tarot deck the Queen of Cups is named the Mother of Cups. However, do not worry as the meaning remains the same.

A Tarot deck has 78-Tarot cards. Some decks include ‘extra’ cards, but you do not have to read with them. A true Tarot deck includes no less than 78-cards. 

The most popular Tarot card deck is the Rider Waite Tarot deck. All of those cards have the same names as the ones listed above.

However, is very common for deck creators to rename certain Tarot cards or suits of cards. However, the meanings remain the same. For example: 

  • Wands: The suit of Wands can sometimes be called Batons. 
  • Cups: The suit of Wands can sometimes be called Chalices.
  • Swords: The suit of Swords can sometimes be called Rapiers. 
  • Pentacles: The suit of Pentacles can sometimes be called Coins.
  • Pages: Some decks call Pages ‘Princesses’ or ‘Daughters’. 
  • Knights: Some decks call Knights ‘Princes’ or ‘Sons’.
  • Queens: Some decks call Queens ‘Mothers’.
  • Kings: Some decks call Kings ‘Fathers’. 

So, if you own a Wild Unknown Tarot deck you will have a Mother of Cups instead of a Queen of Cups. However, the card meanings remain the same. You should read the meaning for the Queen of Cups. 

As I said, if you own a Tarot card with a different name and you’re not sure which meaning it corresponds to, you can comment below and I will point you in the right direction. 

Learning the Tarot Card Meanings 

I grew up a Romany Gypsy and had family members who were professional fortune-tellers. Therefore, anything ‘psychic’ was somewhat acceptable in my household and my older sister had been given a deck of Tarot cards when I was around 7 years old.

From the minute that deck hit my kitchen table, I became obsessed with Tarot. I began to sneak my sister’s deck. I would stare in awe at the ‘dangerous’ cards such as The Devil and Death and gave myself many practice readings. A couple of years later my mum gifted me my a set of my own and I never looked back.

Despite having diviners in my family, I am 100% self-taught. Nobody helped me on my journey. Even though I was very young, I had to learn the hard way and often struggled with Tarot card meanings.

Tarot card meanings by Lisa boswell
Learning how to read Tarot wasn’t always easy, but it was totally worth it!

I cringe to admit this but it took me years to master the meanings of all of the Tarot cards. In fact, I can remember still struggling with the meanings of the Six of Cups and Justice cards 10 years after I had started reading!

Today, I no longer dread certain Tarot cards coming up in readings because I know the meanings and can read with confidence. In any type of position. I know the Tarot meanings for love. I know the Tarot meanings for outcome, and future positions. Also,I know the Tarot meanings for lost objects, as people, and as any other situation you can imagine.

Because there are 78 card meanings, learning Tarot is not always easy. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. I teach my students different techniques for learning Tarot meanings quickly. As with anything there are always simpler ways to learn Tarot. 

Below, I give you my top tips for learning the Tarot card meanings so you can get on with the important stuff; giving kick-ass readings!

Journal Your Readings

Many people will tell you to journal as a way of learning the Tarot card meanings. If you feel like you should, you can. However, there should be some type of system behind your journaling.

I recommend that you journal on the feelings each card gives you, and any situations in your life which you can link to the card. Also, try to think up your card in different scenarios, how you would interpret it in a love reading, what would your interpretation be for it in a career reading, and so on.

Link Your Tarot Card Meanings to Your Life

Tarot cards are easier to remember if you can link each one to different situations in your life. Learn the basic meanings and emotions behind the card and think back to when you were in a similar situation.

For example, you may have gone through a very difficult and confusing time in your love life. If you experienced infidelity, heartache, etc. you might link this to a card like the Three of Swords or Tower. 

What were the details of the situation the card represents? How did you feel? How did you handle it? Linking Tarot card meanings to your life makes them more personal and, therefore, easier to remember.

If you’re struggling to think of a situation, sit for a minute and ask your ancestors for guidance. The spirts can give you inspiration while you think up the right event for the right card. 

Tarot Keywords Are Key 

Try to avoid going down the Tarot interpretations rabbit hole. By this, I mean do not go hunting for more and more card meanings.

Instead, try to learn 5-10 keywords or phrases for each card. For example, your keywords for the Ace of Cups might be love, the beginning of love, new emotions, birth, and so on. 

Once you have your keywords, you can work on combining cards together to form new meanings. So, if one of your Ace of Cups keywords is love, you can combine it with the keyword ‘home’ for the Four of Wands. Therefore, the Ace of Cups and Four of Wands together can represent the love of a new home.

Pull a Tarot Card at the End of the Day 

Most readers often pull a card of the day to represent what is going to happen; educators say that this is a good way to learn the Tarot card meanings. It probably is but another thing you can do is to pull your card of the day, at the end of the day.

If you pull your card of the day, at the end of the day, you can link it back to things that have happened throughout your day. For example, if you have spent the day lounging around on social media and you pull the Eight of Wands, you can easily see how this card relates to your day.

Get a Helping Hand 

Some Tarot readings are very difficult to interpret, especially ones which are emotionally charged (such as love Tarot readings). If you’re struggling to interpret your personal readings, it may be because you cannot detach from the outcome. Therefore, I recommend that you get a helping hand to interpret your readings. 

My Love Tarot Meanings e-book outlines what every Tarot card means for a range of situations and spread positions (15 to be exact!) For example, the book outlines what each card represents when you’re reading the future, the feelings of your partner, the action you should take, and more! Check it out here.

I also have a Tarot Course which will take you from absolute beginner to advanced Tarot reader. The Tarot Course covers many need-to-know areas such as: 

  • A super simple system for learning all Tarot card meanings in less than a day. 
  • How to discern whether a Court card represents the seeker, their lover, or an outside person. 
  • How to properly interpret Tarot cards. After enrolling in The Tarot Course, you’ll be able to interpret cards in an outcome position, read positive cards as negatives, read negatives as positives, and much more! 

Don’t Give Up on Learning Tarot 

Don’t give up on your Tarot journey. You may feel as though it is hard and that you’ll never remember all of the Tarot card meanings off my heart, but this is not the case. Everyone starts from the same place; the bottom. Even experts once cracked open their first Tarot book and slid out their first Tarot deck. 

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  1. These are really great suggestions. I recently got a new deck and was surprised to learn many of the traditional cards were exchanged so I have a bit of a learning curve but can’t wait to try it out!

    • Thank you Amalia a lot of people have that problem lol you’ll find that the Majors all have the same numbers (The Fool is always number zero, for example) so if you keep that in mind you will be fine xx


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