Ultimate Tarot Cards For Love

Curious to discover the ultimate Tarot cards for love? Which Tarot cards should you be hoping for if you’re performing a relationship reading? Which cards indicate that your romance is going to last? If you want to know which Tarot cards predict love, you’re in luck! I have just the list for you below.

One million people who visit this website every year. The vast majority of those visitors are looking for Tarot card meanings which they can apply to their love lives, relationship, and romances. Therefore, I decided to give them and you the rundown of the top Tarot cards which predict that there is a potential for love. 

Below are the Tarot cards which I would consider are the best for love and relationships. If one or more of these cards appear in your reading, then this is a reassuring sign that your relationship is on the right footing.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards for Love

The Lovers

The Lover’s card from the Major Arcana can represent the most important person in your life.  In a love reading, the Lovers means that there will be harmony among you and your partner, affection between you towards each other and balance between both of you. Therefore, if you wish to know if there is potential for love between you and another individual, The Lovers in your spread is a welcome omen. 

There will be a strong attraction between the two of you on both a physical and emotional level. The Lovers is a somewhat sexual card so be careful that you are not drawing your partner in only with the promise of sex. Many Tarot decks feature Adam and Eve on The Lover’s card; a symbol of temptation. 

That being said, if the rest of your relationship reading looks reassuring and the other cards in your Tarot spread are positive, you do not need to worry too much about The Lovers. If you want to know whether or not you and your partner are soulmates, The Lovers is a good sign. 

The Hierophant

Traditionally The Hierophant means that wedding bells are about to ring. If you’re performing a love reading in the hopes that your Tarot cards will predict marriage for you and your partner, you’re in luck! 

I should point out that The Hierophant is a card of traditional and legal marriages. Therefore, if you get other legal cards in your Tarot reading (such as Justice), then this will strengthen the positive interpretation of The Hierophant.

The Empress

The Empress card typically symbolizes reproduction and abundance; both are welcomed meanings in love readings. The Empress is good for love because it predicts that you will be sustaining a family, happy in a loving relationship. The Empress can even foretell a pregnancy. 

There will be no lack of love and happiness, peace and growth in your relationship. However, sometimes The Empress can predict that you might be slightly overbearing with your lover, so make sure you’re giving them space. Let them nurture you as you nurture them. 

The Emperor 

The Emperor is a very good card to receive in a love reading because it predicts the presence of powerful male energy in your life. Usually, The Emperor will represent a partner or a husband. 

The Emperor represents someone who wishes to protect and provide for you. If you have had past relationships with lovers who were not protective, generous and committed, then The Emperor will make a happy change for you. 

I should point out that The Emperor can represent traditional gender roles, especially if it is combined with The Hierophant. Even if you are in an LGBT relationship, The Emperor means that you will each have your place with one of you dealing with the washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. and the other bringing home the majority of the bacon; just a heads up that this is what will be expected of you.

Cups Tarot Cards for Love

Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups means that (if you’re single) love is coming into your life. You can look forward to a lover who is full of ambition, hope, creativity, and confidence. The Knight of Cups will slowly and gracefully melt your heart.

If you’re performing a love reading on a relationship which is already in full swing, The Knight of Cups is one of the best cards you can get for love readings. The Knight of Cups means that your partner desires to be the Knight for you. They wish to sweep you off of your feet. 

Even if you’re reading on a relationship you are not happy with the Knight of Cups is still a good card. In these cases, the Knight does not predict that your current lover will make you happy, but someone else will come into your life who will. 

Some Tarot readers struggle with interpreting Court cards because Court cards can represent so many different things. Therefore, if you are unsure if the Knight of Cups represents love from your current partner and not love from someone else in the future, you’ll need to work on your ability to interpret Court cards. 

Ace of Cups

In our list of cards which are good for love, we have another card from the suit of Cups – The Ace of Cups. On the Rider Waite Smith deck, the water on The Ace of Cups symbolizes an overflow of love and emotion. 

As Aces are cards of beginnings and Cups are cards of emotions, The Ace of Cups is an excellent card to receive in a love reading if you’re single because it predicts a fresh start in your love life with your future partner. Also, if you’re performing a reading on someone whom you would like to be in a relationship with, The Ace of Cups is a card which you should be grateful to see. 

However, if you’re reading on a relationship which is already well-established, The Ace of Cups is not so good in an outcome or future position. The Ace of Cups is in the future or an outcome of a love reading, it can predict that your relationship will not move forward and past the beginner stages so be wary of this. 

Two of Cups

The Two of Cups in a relationship spread is a sign that both you and your partner wish to shower each other with unconditional love. In a Tarot reading, the Two of Cups signifies that your partnership is based on strong bonding and attachment; there is an equal attraction between you and your lover. 

Not only does the Two of Cups predict that you and your partner make good lovers, but you are also great friends. You both are on the same ‘level’ and can communicate with one another easily. Together, you have the skills needed to listen to each other with compassion, respect, and understanding. The traits found in The Two of Cups are essential for a romantic relationship. 

Nine of Cups

The Nine of Cups predicts fulfillment of a wish regarding love. You seek a passionate and safe loving relationship that you always prayed for with the person of your dreams, and are likely to get it! 

It is somewhat lucky to see a Nine of Cups in a love reading because it signifies the contentment your love will bring in your life and intention your partner has to stay with you. Your person of interest is interested and has their eyes on you.  

However, be careful as the Nine of Cups is also a card of manifestation. If you’re staying up late at night worrying about your lover leaving you don’t; The Nine of Cups can serve as a warning that you’re going to get whatever it is you’re putting your energy into! Focus on how good it feels to give and receive love, and you will be more likely to attract that into your life. 

Wands Tarot Cards for Love

Ace of Wands

In a Tarot reading, the Ace of Wands often indicates love. The Ace of Wands is very positive if your relationship is brand new. Your romance is going to be fun and exciting.

Four of Wands

The Four of Wands reflects the potential to feel warmth and joy in love and reveals how well a couple will maintain a home life together. Also, the Four of Wands is a sign that your friends and family (who matter!) are happy with your relationship. 

It is typical for the Four of Wands to predict that you and your lover will soon set up home together. If your relationship has already begun or appears to be getting more serious, this is a good card. You will achieve your goals of living together forever. 

If your relationship is not yet serious, the Four of Wands can appear in a love reading to indicate that you and your partner will soon spend a lot of time in each other’s houses. 

Tarot Card Combinations for Love

Kings & Queens

Not a card per se but receiving a King and Queen of the same suit together is an excellent occurrence you should pay attention to when they land on your table during a love reading. Usually, Tarot cards together in combination can indicate love or lovers, but be sure to check out what each combination means for each suit below: 

The King of Wands and Queen of Wands together in combination. 

The King of Cups and Queen of Cups together in combination. 

The King of Swords and Queen of Swords together in combination. 

The King of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles together in combination. 

A King and Queen of the same suit can predict marriage at best. At worst, they symbolizes the fact that you and your lover are on the same level with regards to energy, interests, goals, humor and the things you want. These combinations are all perfect indicators of long-term relationship success.

Closing Thoughts on the Ultimate Tarot Cards for Love

That’s all for the Tarot cards which predict potential for love! Feel free to join my free workshop for psychic readers below: