Tarot Cards That Indicate Cheating

Which are the Tarot cards that indicate cheating? Do you know which Tarot cards represent infidelity? Curious to find out which Tarot cards you don’t want to see if you’re worried your partner has been unfaithful? Here’s a list of the Tarot cards for cheating and infidelity.

It’s a sad fact, but cheating and infidelity are common occurrences in love and relationships. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that readers often perform readings on whether a partner has been unfaithful or not. Sometimes, there’s nothing to worry about, but at other times, the cards reveal that the seeker’s lover has been up to no good. 

I wrote this list of Tarot cards that indicate cheating and infidelity only as a guide. Remember, if you get one of these cards, it doesn’t always mean your partner has been unfaithful. Use your intuition and go with your gut.

Major Arcana Tarot Cards that Indicate Cheating 

The Fool 

I often see The Fool pop up in readings where there’s cheating or infidelity. Most readers wouldn’t really read this card this way, but I do believe this interpretation can be an accurate one. 

The Fool can sometimes represent shocking or wild behavior. This card will appear when someone is acting like they’re independent, even when they have responsibilities at home. Essentially, The Fool can indicate that (in your lover’s mind), they are free from the ties of a relationship. Therefore, your partner may cheat on you because they don’t behave as though the relationship is serious. 

The Magician 

The Magician Tarot card represents manifestation, new business ventures, and you putting things into motion. There are a lot of positive associations with The Magician, as these types of people are fun and entertaining. However, they also have a dark side. 

The Magician can sometimes be a card of trickery and deception. A traditional interpretation of The Magician is also that it represents a con artist. Therefore, it can be a marker that someone is your life may not be as forthcoming as you might like. 

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is a typical infidelity Tarot card for two reasons, both of which can be found in The High Priestess’ main meanings. 

Firstly, The High Priestess is a card of intuition. It usually advises you to follow and listen to your gut. This card can mean that your hunches are correct if you suspect your partner is cheating on you. 

Secondly, The High Priestess can also represent things that are hidden, unknown, or kept secret. Therefore, obviously this card can mean that your partner is keeping things from you – a common occurrence in infidelity.

The Tower

Infidelity is most people’s worst nightmare. It’s no surprise that The Tower – the card of destruction and shock – is one that often means there’s unfaithfulness within a relationship. 

Usually, The Tower represents the unexpected. If your partner is being unfaithful, it’s therefore not going to be with someone you would normally suspect. The person they’re cheating with will take you by surprise. 

However, I should state that The Tower doesn’t always mean that there’s infidelity in your relationship, especially if you’ve convinced yourself that your partner has definitely cheated on you. Because it’s the card of shocks and the unexpected, this can predict that your lover is not actually cheating on you; they’re probably keeping a different type of secret, one you haven’t even considered. 

The Moon 

Another card traditionally associated with deception, The Moon deserves a place in my top ten Tarot cards that symbolize cheating and infidelity. In fact, I would say that, out of all the cards on this list, The Moon is the one I would make likely associate with unfaithfulness. 

In divination, darkness can be interpreted as symbolizing things that are hidden from you. Even to dream about nighttime can mean that all is not as it seems. Not knowing all there is to know about your relationship can obviously signal that you’re not being told the truth.

The Moon is also similar to The High Priestess in that it can represent intuition and secrets. Usually, when there’s infidelity involved, the seeker has a hunch or feeling that something isn’t quite right with their relationship – this is why they’re looking for infidelity in a Tarot reading in the first place. Often, The Moon means that you already know the truth and are just looking for your Tarot cards to confirm your suspicions. 

Wands Tarot Cards that Indicate Cheating 

Knight of Wands

Sometimes, the Knight of Wands can indicate that your partner is unfaithful, especially if you feel like the Knight represents them in your Tarot reading and you’re specifically asking about infidelity. 

The Knight of Wands is known for his high sex drive. While this doesn’t always mean your partner is unfaithful, it does mean that your lover likely has a wandering eye. If your reading looks overly negative and the Knight of Wands comes up, this isn’t a good sign. 

Swords Tarot Cards that Indicate Cheating 

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is the stereotypical infidelity card. In fact, one of its main meanings is deception. It symbolizes someone is doing something they’re not meant to (and trying to get away with it). So, the Seven of Swords in your Tarot reading can obviously predict that your partner is lying to you. 

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is another court card that can represent infidelity and unfaithfulness. However, while the Knight of Wands symbolizes your lover, the Queen of Swords is the card of the ‘other woman’. 

In Tarot readings, it’s common for the Queen of Swords to signal the presence of an individual who wants to do you harm or wishes bad things on you. The Queen of Swords can also represent people who meddle in your romantic life. Therefore, it’s not a stretch to take this card as a sign that there’s an individual getting close to your partner and looking to destroy your relationship. 

Three of Swords

Just like the Seven of Swords, the Three of Swords is another Tarot card traditionally associated with cheating and infidelity. The third sword is supposed to represent the intrusion of another individual into your relationship; where there were once two, there is now three. 

The Three of Swords has always been a card of heartache, and also often represents the painful end of a relationship. That’s not to say that your relationship is definitely going to fall apart, but it can certainly mean there’s a bumpy road ahead of you. 

Pentacles Tarot Cards that Indicate Cheating 

Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles is a common feature in readings where there’s infidelity involved. The reason why is because the Two of Pentacles often indicates a juggling act. 

The Two of Pentacles can mean that your partner is balancing their time between more than one lover. They may be stressed because they’re attempting to split their resources between you and someone else. You’ll therefore often see the Two of Pentacles in love readings where cheating is involved.

Closing Thoughts on Tarot Cards that Indicate Cheating 

That’s all for the top Tarot cards that indicate cheating and infidelity. Feel free to download my free workshop below: