Tarot Cards Which Can Mean Marriage

Which Tarot cards which can mean marriage? What are the best cards which predict that you will marry your partner? Which Tarot cards represent major commitments such as engagements or legal marriages? 

Tarot Cards Which Mean Marriage

In the Tarot world, marriage readings are very, very common. Seekers (the person getting the reading) often wish to know if the relationship they are in is going to last forever. They want to discover if they and their partner are going to go the extra mile together.

Not only do seekers request readings on their marriage prospects, but it is a frequent occurrence for readers to read on their own love life. It is only natural if you’re a Tarot reader, to want to know if your relationship is going to last or is doomed for failure. 

Therefore, if you’re wanting to know which Tarot cards can mean marriage, look no further! Below is a list of the top Tarot cards which can predict marriage. Enjoy!  

Major Arcana Tarot Cards Which Mean Marriage

The Hierophant 

The Hierophant card is a predictor for marriage. In fact, of all Tarot cards, I believe that The Hierophant is the one most likely to symbolize marriage and engagements. The Hierophant card is very closely associated with traditional customs and the celebrations which come with marriage. 

As it is a card which is symbolic of traditional values, the Hierophant is also an indicator that you and your lover are culturally or religiously are invested in the sanctity of marriage. Because one or both of you hold these traditional values, you are more likely to want this for yourselves. 

If the Hierophant appears in an outcome or future position, it indicates that your relationship could move forward into marriage. If it appears in a past position, The Hierophant represents a past marriage or engagement.


Along with The Hierophant, Justice is up there on my list of cards most likely to represent marriage. In fact, if you receive these two cards together, you’re very lucky. These are both fabulous indicators of traditional marriage which is bound by law. 

However, I should point out that Justice can be a very cold and ‘matter of fact’ card. I often see Justice in marriages which are quickly executed. Do not expect your over-the-top weddings as you would see with a card like the Ten of Cups. Justice can mean that you will get your marriage, but it doesn’t promise that you will have a fairytale wedding. 

The Lovers

It is pretty obvious why The Lovers is a card that can signify marriage. The Lovers of The Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck (and the art of many other card decks) includes Adam and Eve; the first married couple to walk the earth. 

However, although I have included The Lovers in this list, The Lovers alone does not predict a marriage. The Lovers is also a card of sexuality and temptation, so in a negative reading, it can predict that your relationship will be ‘sinful’ and not progress to a major commitment.

The World

Has marriage has been on your mind for a very long time? Then The World is a very good card to indicate that you will one day be married. If you have always aspired to be a wife/husband then The World means that married life is on the cards. 

The World is a positive indicator for marriage because it often represents a major ambition being accomplished. Once you have fulfilled the ‘goal’ of getting married you can move onto something else. The World predicts the end of one cycle and the start of another. 

I should warn that The World doesn’t always mean that you will marry the person you admire. The World can just represent married life in general, with anyone. Therefore, it is best to receive The World if you’re single as receiving it when you’re reading about a specific person doesn’t always guarantee that you will get a good result with that particular individual. 

Marriage is a popular subject in Tarot card reading, hence why learning which Tarot cards predict love and marriage is important.
Marriage is a popular subject in Tarot card reading, hence why learning which Tarot cards predict love and marriage is important.

The Sun 

The Sun is another marriage card and, in Tarot, it is traditionally associated with weddings. The Sun predicts happy marriages for the foreseeable future, especially if it appears in an outcome position. 

I am personally much more likely to read The Sun as a marriage card if there are other marriage cards to support this interpretation. So, if you have The Sun plus any of the other cards on this list in your relationship reading, The Sun is a very, very good omen. 

Cups Tarot Cards Which Mean Marriage

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is not a ‘marriage’ Tarot card per se. But, it does predict weddings, engagements, births, baptisms, and other celebrations. This is why the Three of Cups is on our list of marriage cards. If your relationship is already well-established, then the Three of Cups can predict marriage and children. 

If your relationship is not well-established, the Three of Cups is a good card to indicate that your relationship is heading in a more serious direction, especially if the two of you have not yet mingled with each other’s friends and relatives. The Three of Cups means that you and your lover will be attending weddings together (but not necessarily your own!)

Ten of Cups

As I stated with my last point, the Ten of Cups is a Tarot card which predicts that you will have your fairytale ending. This usually means that you will get a big fancy wedding and marriage the person of your dreams. 

Also, the Ten of Cups is a card of families, babies and children. So, if you are at the point in your life where you would like to, not only marry, but start a family with your partner, the Ten of Cups in an outcome or future position of your relationship reading is a good sign. 

Sometimes the Ten of Cups can show you and your lover’s families coming together to form one big happy whole. If you and your partner both have children or grandchildren, the Ten of Cups is a fortunate omen. 

Pentacles Tarot Cards Which Mean Marriage

Ten of Pentacles

Finally, the Ten of Pentacles is another card that I read as a sign of marriage.In Tarot, the Ten of Pentacles is especially good for ‘marriage’ questions if you or your lover has inheritable assets. 

The Ten of Pentacles often predicts that property, businesses, money, or other valuables will be kept in your family. They will be passed down to the younger generation. Therefore, if or your lover does not yet have a family of your own, then the Ten of Pentacles is an indicator that you one day will.

Also, like The Hierophant, the Ten of Pentacles is a card that can represent the continuation of tradition. So, if you feel as though you should marry because it is what is expected of you, then the Ten of Pentacles is a good marriage Tarot card.  

Closing Thoughts for Tarot Cards which Can Mean Marriage

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