How to Use Tarot for Guidance

Tarot for Guidance

How do you get guidance from your Tarot cards? What should you do if you want some quick answers to your problems? Today, we are going to uncover how you can achieve some Tarot guidance, without even performing a reading! 

This is a super-fast exercise that you can perform using your cards. You can use it for yourself, or you can practice this exercise on other people. You do not even have to perform a reading – you just have to pull a card or two! Here are the instructions: 

Step One: Obtain a Deck 

For this exercise, you will need a traditional Tarot deck. This exercise may work with a Lenormand or Oracle card deck, but that would require additional instructions. For now, just grab your Tarot cards. 

Step Two: Think Up the Issues You Want Guidance For

You must clarify the issue which you want guidance for – this will set your intention for this exercise. If you wish to receive Tarot guidance for more than one issue, then you will need to perform this exercise more than once. So that you do not confuse or second guess yourself, write your question down! 

Step Three: Match Your Issue to the Following List

Below, I want you to match your concern to the following Major Arcana Tarot card: 

The Fool: Concerns about fun, social life, and friendships. 

The Magician: Concerns about work and business. 

The High Priestess: Concerns about psychic development. 

The Empress: Concerns about pregnancy. 

The Emperor: Concerns about parents/being a parent. 

The Hierophant: Concerns about religion. 

The Lovers: Concerns about love and relationships. 

The Chariot: Concerns about social media and social influence. 

Strength: Concerns about health. 

The Hermit: Concerns about isolation/loneliness. 

The Wheel of Fortune: Concerns about fortune, fate, and destiny. 

Justice: Concerns about legal matters. 

The Hanged Man: Concerns about sacrifices. 

Death: Concerns about life and death. 

Temperance: Concerns about the home, family, and pets. 

The Devil: Concerns about addiction. 

The Tower: Concerns about disasters. 

The Star: Concerns about wish fulfilment. 

The Moon: Concerns about secrets. 

The Sun: Concerns about success. 

Judgement: Concerns about life-changing decisions. 

The World: Concerns about travel. 

If your concern does not match one of the above domains, you can assign a Minor Arcana card that you think is appropriate. 

Step Four: Locate Your Tarot Card for Guidance

For the next step of this exercise, I want you to shuffle your deck as you would as if you were performing a regular Tarot reading. Ask your ancestors for spiritual help and think about your question. 

Once you feel that you have shuffled your cards enough, look through your deck and locate your card of interest. If you would like to know about your love life, you can locate The Lovers Tarot card. Do not remove the card, but find it within your deck. 

Step Five: Take Note on your Guidance Tarot Card

Take note of the card that appears directly above and directly below your card of interest. In my deck, the Queen of Pentacles and The World appears on top and below of my Lovers card. 

There will be the odd time where your card of interest appears on the very bottom or very top of your deck. If this happens to you, just take note of the one other card which is on top or below your card. 

Step Six: Interpret Your Reading 

The cards that are on top and below of your card of interest are the ones that contain your Tarot guidance. For me, my cards were the Queen of Pentacles and The World. If I had an issue with love, I could interpret these cards are advising: 

“If you are being generous with love, your partner will give you the world back”. 

I believe that this combination is advising me to give my all to the relationship. When I do this, my lover will give their all to me too. 

Closing Thoughts on How to Use Tarot for Guidance

So that is it for how you can get guidance using your Tarot cards! If you try this exercise out for yourself, you can let me know how you get on in the comments section below!

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