How to Interpret Tarot Number Combinations

I always take Tarot number combinations to be significant, and I also like to read proportions (the number of Majors to compared Minors, etc.) but there are limits. Number combinations and proportions are only special on a case by case basis.

In divination, proximity, and proportions matter. It is not enough to receive 10 Majors. You have to ask yourself, “What is the probability of getting ten Majors if you’re performing a 50-card reading? In a 50-card reading, suddenly 10 Majors do not seem all that special. By contrast, if you were performing a 12-card reading and 10 Majors showed up, suddenly this seems more significant.

How many cards you have in your reading and how close those cards are matters. It is not enough to say, “Wow I have four Aces in this 50-card reading this must be significant”! It is not, or not as significant as receiving four Aces in a seven-card reading.   

So, here are some special reoccurrences in Tarot which are not so special unless there are not a lot of cards in your reading, or those cards are close together. 

Cards Back to Back 

Some readers read Court cards which appear back to back as symbolizing characters in the seeker’s life which are in conflict. For example, if the guy on the Knight of Wands is looking one direction but the guy on the Knight of Pentacles is looking one way, then some readers would read this as a sign that they are not getting along in real life. 

Personally, I read this to only be the case if the cards appear right next to each other, with no other cards in-between. However, there are some readers who interpret the cards in-between them as symbolizing what it is that is coming between these characters (but I don’t read it that way). 

For example, if the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles had the Two of Cups between them, this would mean that they were in disagreement over a relationship. 

I feel that, if too many cards are in-between these two cards, then they are not close enough together to be significant. Some readers would disagree, but that’s how I feel. 

Multiple Number Combinations

The series we are going to be looking at next week involves reading special number combinations. For example, what is the significance of receiving four Queens in a Tarot reading? My next blog series will explain this in detail. 

In this case, the proportions of cards matter. If you have a spread of thirty cards, then special number combinations are not that significant. By contrast, if you only have a Celtic Cross or a ten-card reading, and you receiving four Pages, you may read this as being special and something you should take note of. 

 Also, I should point out that sometimes the proximity of these cards to each other do matter. If I was performing a large spread and four Knights appeared all huddled up together, I would read this as significant. 

However, if there were four Knights in the spread but only three of them were gathered together and one was a million miles away, I would be more inclined to read the three Knights as a three-Knight combination and not take the fourth Knight into account, but it depends on the reading and the circumstances. 

Suit Proportions

When I first perform a reading, the first thing I look at is the proportions. Is my reading made up of mostly Court cards? Are there no Cups in my love reading? How many Majors are there compared to Minors? And so on. 

I like to do this because I read proportions as significant. If I am performing a love reading, and there are no Cups I have to ask myself why. Why would this reading, which is about love, not include the suit which is centered around relationships?

But, as with anything the ‘specialness’ of proportions is relative. If I pull five Cups in a five-card reading, I would read this as more significant than if five Cups appeared in a fifty-card reading, which would be expected. 

Kings and Queens 

Finally, I recently wrote about what it means when you receiving the King and Queen of Wands, the King and Queen of Cups, the King and Queen of Swords, or the King and Queen of Pentacles in combination. 

As with the other things on this list, I would only really read this as significant if they appeared next to each other, or popped up in a smallish reading. I would be much more likely to interpret the King and Queen of Cups together as a super positive omen if they landed in a simple Past, Present, Future spread than I would if they appeared in a largish table spread (or were spread really far apart). 

Closing Thoughts Regarding Tarot Number Combinations

So, that is it for how I interpret Tarot number combinations! Do you take special number combinations to be significant?

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