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This is Your Opportunity to Start Reading Lenormand and Begin Predicting the Future

You’re Ready To Stop Dipping Your Toes Into Predictive Divination and Start Becoming The Diviner You Were Meant to Become

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your readings consist of 99% holistic advice and 1% prediction – you desperately want to bump up your forecasting skills!
  • You’ve tried other divination systems but can’t seem to break out of the self-help bubble. 
  • You’re dreaming of the day when you can master a divination skill in weeks, not years. 
  • You’re so ready to finally conquer Lenormand without jumping from place to place, trying to find the one resource that makes everything click.

If any of these statements make you think, “Wow, how is she inside my head!?” keep reading – you’re in the right place.

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    Hey, Diviner Seeking More, I Hear You!

    You’ve already dipped your toes into divination and may even consider yourself an experienced reader. When you first became a diviner, you had fantasies of making accurate and detailed predictions. Now, the fairy tale is over and you’re 100% convinced that divination is just not what you thought it was going to be. Although prediction is easy for some diviners, you were not naturally blessed with those skills. Somewhere along the way, you gave up hope.

    Womp womp 

    However, there’s still a part of you that knows that you, too, can make predictions. You wish there was a system you could go through so you could control what you predict. You don’t want the details to strike you at random times during readings. You want a formula for making specific predictions. You need to read Lenormand. 

    What is Lenormand?

    Lenormand is a several hundred-year-old, 36-card divination system that originated in Western Europe. Each Lenormand card depicts an object from everyday life such as Clover, Snake, Man or Woman. Each Lenormand card is read in combination with another card. The system is typically read using three kinds of spreads – Strings, Squares and Grand Tableau.

    Lenormand cards are used specifically for predictive psychic readings. 

    Unlike with Tarot or Oracle cards, Lenormand cards are used specifically for the purpose of obtaining detail-orientated predictive information.

     Imagine what it feels like if you had a system for making predictions. Imagine if you could execute your readings with confidence… 

    • Your seekers are raving about your readings on social media. They’re recommending you to all their friends. New clients are coming to you. No more posting on Facebook every day, hoping someone will book your readings.
    • You can accurately predict the details of each reading. You know when you’re going to receive a letter from the government about an overdue tax bill one Tuesday afternoon. No more vague readings! 
    • General readings without questions are now your favorite types of readings. You have a step-by-step system in place for making predictions for thirty-six life areas. No more crapping yourself if a seeker tells you to “just read what comes up.” 

    You’re ready to master a detail-orientated, predictive divination system like Lenormand, but you have so many questions. Questions like…

    How do I even start with learning how to read Lenormand?

    I don’t even believe that I have the skills to make predictions, how could I ever perform detailed readings?

    Information hits me randomly during readings, what if I cannot control this?

    I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re starting a new divination system for the first time. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track and not be able to predict with that system. Without the right guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all! 

    The Lenormand Course

    An eight-part online course where you’ll learn exactly how to make predictions, perform detailed readings and master the Lenormand card system quickly. 

    Graphic including the Lenormand course

    Your Life Before The Lenormand Course…

    You feel stressed every time you have to perform a reading (sometimes, people enquiring about them makes you feel physically sick).

    You worry about how you’re going to break it to your client that you cannot do general readings – they must ask a specific question. 

    You avoid reading people because you secretly believe that your readings are shit.

    You stalk other readers on social media out of jealousy. 

    You feel too guilty to raise your prices in case your readings are not detailed enough for the money your seekers have invested. 

    Your Life After The Lenormand Course…

    You feel excited to perform your readings. You’re one of those readers who chase people down the street, offering to make predictions for them. 

    General readings are a specialty of yours. Your seeker can sit there, cross-armed and not saying a word, and you still kill it. 

    You know your readings are amazing so you’re constantly looking for new victims to practice on.

    Other readers now stalk you on social media.

    You can confidently raise your prices, knowing that your detailed readings are 100% worth it. 

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    The Lenormand Course is opening for enrollment soon. Please sign up below to join my newsletter and you will be notified when the course opens for enrollment

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      As a student of The Lenormand Course, you will unlock video content and typed transcripts of those videos so that you can learn your preferred way. You’ll also have access to workbooks, quizzes and practice readings, enabling you to test your knowledge every step of the way. 

      Module One – The Lenormand Deck 

      • Choose the right Lenormand deck for your needs.
      • Instantly familiarize yourself with the structure of Lenormand.
      • Know exactly how to form a relationship to that deck.

      Module Two – Lenormand Card Meanings

      • Learn all thirty-six card meanings in an easy-to-digest format.
      • Make a head start on adding detail to those cards through basic combinations.

      Module Three – Lenormand Combinations

      • Digest what combinations are and are not.
      • Discover how to combine Lenormand cards.
      • See how to choose the most relevant card combinations.
      • Choose the combination method that is right for you – no more relying on methods that do not work!

      Module Four – String Readings

      • Answer quick questions with your cards.
      • Give straight-to-the-point answers without the guesswork. 

      Module Five – Square Readings

      • Give more precise answers with Square readings.
      • Read on specific matters or life areas in general.

      Module Six – Grand Tableaus

      • Perform predictive readings that cover thirty-six life areas. 
      • Accurately read someone’s romance, career and family life without even knowing them!
      • See how to perform Grand Tableaus for general readings, love readings and business readings. 

      Module Seven – Lenormand Techniques

      • Build on your Lenormand skills with special techniques.
      • Learn how to mirror cards, add cards and interpret significators. 

      Module Eight – Grand Tableau Techniques 

      • Become an expert at reading the Lenormand Grand Tableau.
      • Add detail to your general readings by predicting time and assessing the pressure your seeker is under. 
      • Discover how you can mirror, knight, create diagonals, and more!

      Enroll in The Lenormand Course and You Can Grab These Bonuses…

      Ancestral Work For Sales Page - The Lenormand Course-2

      The Grand Tableau Vault

      Take the guesswork out of your spreads! The Grand Tableau Vault outlines what every Lenormand card means in each position of a Grand Tableau spread. This section also includes positional references for different Tableau Techniques.

      Ancestral Work For Sales Page - The Lenormand Course

      Ancestral Work 101

      As you probably know, there is more to becoming a diviner than just knowing that the cards mean. In this six-part bonus training you’ll learn how you can work with your ancestral spirits with the help of your Lenormand cards.

      Ancestral Work For Sales Page - The Lenormand Course-3

      Extra Card Chronicles

      Your Lenormand deck can come with extra cards. In this five-part bonus masterclass, I will show you exactly what to do with these cards. This section includes never-shared-before techniques that I’ve developed especially for you.

      To take part in The Lenormand Course and bonuses, you do not have to be online at a specific time or available on a certain date. All course content has been pre-recorded by me so that you can learn at your own pace. This will all be accessible to you upon purchase! 

      You can do this course from home, anywhere in the world, at your own schedule.

      This course is 100% online. You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table as long as you have an internet connection! The entire program is completely digital, so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And you’ll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons in your own time. 

      Once you enroll in this course, you’ll have lifetime access! Your place on the course will never expire. To sign back into the course, you can use the Student Sign-in link on our navigation footer.  

      How Long Does it Take To Learn Lenormand?

      To be honest, it depends on you and your current situation. I was performing my first professional reading under test conditions two days after I started learning Lenormand. Most Lenormand students are able to master the system in a couple of weeks. 

      Others may take a few extra months to feel that they want to try out their new skills on other people. There is no rush and no right or wrong amount of time, because you’ll have lifetime access to the program and all future updates! Remember, this isn’t a quick fix by any means – you can dip in and out of the content as you like. 

      There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start The Lenormand Course. Why Not Start Now Instead of Waiting For Enrollment Once Per Year?

      Starting now will allow you to: 

      • Unlock my proven, step-by-step system for learning Lenormand in weeks or even days, now!
      • Make the accurate predictions you’ve always dreamed of. 
      • Turn your seekers into raving fans whose testimonials do the promoting for you. 
      • Stop going into every reading feeling stressed, worried or confused.

      If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. Six months from now, you’ll wish you started today! 

      You are ready to take The Lenormand Course if…

      1. You’re looking for a divination method that can teach you how to make accurate predictions. You’re very excited at the prospect of making predictions and have objections doing so.
      2. You want to master that method quickly with the help of premium videos, transcripts, quizzes and workbooks. 
      3. You know that you’re going to devote yourself to the course so that you can get the most out of it. 
      4. When the course is over, you’re going to apply what you’ve learned to your real life. You’re going to take your new skills and practice using them on seekers.

      You are not ready to take The Lenormand Course if…

      1. Your readings are holistic in nature and you don’t want to make predictions. While you can get advice from Lenormand readings, the system is prediction-driven.
      2. You’re happy to spend years piecing together dribs and drabs of information for yourself – you don’t want it presented to you in an easy-to-understand format.
      3. You want quick, magical fixes so you don’t have to do any real work. You’re unlikely to go through any of the content for yourself.  
      4. When the course is over, you’re not going to practice your skills. You’re very much ‘in the closet’ with your divination and never read other people. 

      (Note: you will not have to read other people as part of the course. However, the best way to get the most out of any divination method is to gain experience after you’ve learned that method – otherwise, there’s no point in learning.)

      What would you give for the ability to perform accurate, detailed readings with a system like Lenormand? You’ve got two choices here…

      You can try to learn Lenormand on your own by hodge-podging together information from an article here and a book there (a strategy which ‘might’ pay off in a few years). 

      –    OR – 

      You can steal my step-by-step system, learn how to perform Lenormand readings, and see some serious results in just a few weeks!

      Your Lenormand success story starts right now. 

      I’ll see you on the other side!

      Join the Waitlist

      The Lenormand Course is opening for enrollment soon. Please sign up below to join my newsletter and you will be notified when the course opens for enrollment

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        “I can’t predict with Tarot! This won’t work for me either!”

        Although it’s possible to predict with Tarot, most teaching materials focus on the holistic side of that system. Lenormand is different. Lenormand was invented for prediction. There’s no way you cannot predict with Lenormand. 

        “How can I read Lenormand, I don’t even have a deck!”

        Don’t worry – you don’t even have to own a Lenormand before you start this course. In fact, I will teach you exactly how to select the perfect deck for you (and trust me, it won’t be the one you think)!

        “I know absolutely nothing about Lenormand.” 

        It’s okay if you don’t know anything about Lenormand – this course is designed specifically for beginners and people who are just starting out on their Lenormand journey. No stone will be left unturned – you will no longer be in the ‘newbie’ category by the time the course is over. 

        “What is included in this course?”

        The course includes the main, 8-part course content. You will also automatically be enrolled in the Ancestral Work 101 workshop, the Extra Card workshop and the Grand Tableau Vault bonuses. The course is made up of videos, transcripts of those videos, quizzes, and workbooks. 

        “Is there a refund policy?”

        We wholeheartedly believe in The Lenormand Course and have had many satisfied students. We also want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself! 

        That’s why we have a 100% risk-free guarantee. You can try The Lenormand Course for fourteen days, and if you aren’t satisfied, just ask for a full refund within those fourteen days. 

        If you do the work and put in your best effort, yet feel we haven’t delivered, we will issue a 100% refund. To read our full refund policy, click here. 

        How can I enroll? 

        Step 1: Enroll in The Lenormand Course

        Step 2: You’ll receive an email with all the details

        Step 3: You’ll get immediate access to the course

        “When does the course begin and end?” 

        Whenever you like! You can go at your own pace and learn in your own time. However, enrollment is only open for a limited time.

        “Are there any prerequisites?” 

        Nope! You can start now even if you know nothing about Lenormand. 

        “Do I get one-on-one access to you?”

        You get access to my course material and can certainly contact me at ([email protected]) if you have any questions. However, please note that there are no live video chats or live workshops in this course. 

        “Are there are other costs associated with the course?” 

        You will need to purchase a Lenormand deck but other than that, there are no other costs. 

        “Can I sign out and back in?”

        Yes! You can purchase the course now, have a look at it and then come back later. You can log back into the course using the login link on the bottom of the Divinerism website. If you have any issues, you can contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

        About Me – Lisa Boswell

        Hi! My name is Lisa Boswell and I’m an award-winning divination teacher who is obsessed with Lenormand!

        I started reading Lenormand six years ago after my Tarot cards stopped working for me. I quickly realized that Lenormand was the best system for giving predictive, detailed and accurate psychic readings. Other people started asking me how I was performing such amazing readings and from there, I started teaching! Soon, I had a few students who I was helping with their divination in general, but I knew more people could benefit from learning Lenormand. 

        I created this course because I believe that Lenormand is the best divination system for readers. I know that everyone can make predictions with the right guidance and support. 

        I’m excited to see how you will progress after taking my course!

        Have any questions about The Lenormand Course? Drop me a line at [email protected] – I’m here to help!

        Divination evil or dangerous and against the bible

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        The Lenormand Course is opening for enrollment soon. Please sign up below to join my newsletter and you will be notified when the course opens for enrollment

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