The Modern Oracle – Book

I am pleased to announce that my book, The Modern Oracle, is now available for purchase in the UK with the US and German editions coming October 5th. Published by Laurence King / Hachette UK and fully illustrated, there is something in there for newbie readers and experts alike.  

If you’re interested in making divination a part of your lifestyle, you’ll want to grab yourself a copy of The Modern Oracle. 

Below, you can find out more about the book and order/preorder the first edition. 

From The Back: 

“Learn how to use your star sign to reach your personal goals, kickstart your career with crystal energy, sort out your love life with Tarot, or embark on some deep self-reflection with palmistry. With expert spiritual guidance, The Modern Oracle will help you answer life’s big questions and solve daily dramas.”

Chapter Summery 

  1. Seeing Signs: Developing your Psychic Abilities
  2. Crystal Ball Scrying: For Connecting to your Intuition
  3. Pendulum Dowsing: For Answering Everyday Yes or No Questions 
  4. Reading Lenormand Cards: For Predicting your General Fortune
  5. Reading Tarot Cards: For Love, Relationships & Romance
  6. Crystals: For Career, Work & Business
  7. Numerology: For Money & Finance
  8. Dream Interpretation: For Friends & Foe
  9. Tea Leaf Reading: For Home & Family Life
  10. Runes: For Pets & Family
  11. Astrology: For Achieving Your Lifestyle Goals
  12. Palmistry: For Working with Others & Togetherness
  13. Casting: For Your Onward Divination Journey 

Where To Purchase The Modern Oracle

The Modern Oracle is available to purchase and pre-order from all good book stores. The book is currently published in English with the German edition coming in October. You can purchase your copy directly from Laurence King Publishing, or you can find purchasing links on the Hachette UK website: