8 Two of Swords Tarot Meanings: Love, Outcomes, Feelings & More!

The meaning of the Two of Swords Tarot card is ‘stalemate.’ The Two of Swords means that you’re having to balance the drama and conflict in your life. You are walking on eggshells around a group of people, or one person in particular. 

Two of Swords General Tarot Meaning

Be warned, the person who is causing you problems (or will in the future) is on the same level as you. In one way or another, you both have similar strengths or weaknesses. They will be difficult to beat.

You and your competitor have different things to lose or gain. In a sense, you will be equally matched, both willing to work hard to defeat each other. It is for these reasons that you must wait and accept the status quo. Don’t rock the boat.

The Two of Swords indicates a present need for conformity. Your cards are telling you that you must conform to the masses during the time the Two of Swords represents. Know that a fall-out might be in the future, but that for now, you must bide your time.

Now is not the time to go against the grain. You must do what is expected of you. Don’t shake things up. Perhaps you don’t have all the information you need? You will be better equipped to take on challenges in the future. At a later date, more will be revealed to you.

For now, you should rally your troops, increase your energy, and plan for battle. In the future, you will be better prepared. During this time, you will begin to notice who is loyal to you and who is not; take note.  

The Two of Swords in an outcome position of a Tarot reading can mean that, in the future, you will go up against someone who you don’t currently anticipate. An individual you don’t think is a problem will reveal themselves to be one in the future. This can be for the affection of a loved one, a business deal, or another area of your life.

Two of Swords Love Tarot Meaning

In rare cases, the Two of Swords can be an okay card in a love Tarot reading. The Two of Swords can show that you and your partner are well-matched. You have a lot in common. However, this interpretation is not very prevalent and only applies in some cases. 

When the Two of Swords appears in a love reading, it usually means that neither one of you is willing to back down in an argument and admit when you’re wrong. It’s not unheard of for the two of you to go for extended periods of time without communicating. You are both very stubborn, and this creates problems in your relationship. 

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Two of Swords Feelings Tarot Meaning

Are you wondering what your potential lover’s feelings are toward you? The Two of Swords means that they are taking their time. They are weighing up the pros and cons of a relationship and deciding if they want one just now. It’s nothing against you – it just means they have other commitments (such as work) to consider. 

Two of Swords Career & Business Tarot Meaning

Two Swords Tarot card meaning for love, romance and relationships.

The Two of Swords is pretty straightforward in a career reading. This card represents your competitors, serving as a warning that you’re not doing as much as you should to outsmart the competition. You need to think of ways to highlight how your talents differ from other people’s if you are to be successful.

The Two of Swords indicates that an individual has the same amount of strengths and weaknesses as you, but in different ways. For example, if you’re young, you might do well because you know how to think like the younger market. However, your competitor might have experience that you do not.

I read the Two of Swords as a negative outcome for job interviews and promotions – this card predicts that the interviewer already has someone else in mind for the position. 

Two of Swords Future Tarot Meaning

Has the Two of Swords landed in the outcome position of your love Tarot reading? This predicts that you will have a fall-out in the future. There will be a serious disagreement that your relationship might not recover from – be careful.

If you’re hoping for reconciliation with an ex, this does not seem likely. The Two of Swords predicts that your previous relationship had issues that your ex cannot see past.

Yes or No with the Two of Swords

General – In many cases, the Two of Swords is typically neither a yes nor a no; you simply have to wait for more information. However, if you’re questioning whether or not a conflict is going to be resolved, the answer is always a no, not for the foreseeable future.

Do they like me? – This person likes you if you’ve been getting along. They see you as being a lot like them. However, this person doesn’t like you if you haven’t been getting along recently. 

Am I pregnant? – No, this is not a card traditionally associated with pregnancy. 

Is this relationship going to last? – If you and your partner argue a lot or you often feel as though you’re not getting anywhere, then no, the relationship will not last. 

Does the future of this look promising? – No, it does not look promising. 

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? – No, you will not reconcile with your ex (at least, not in the foreseeable future). You have too many issues that they cannot see past. 

The Two of Swords as a Negative, Weakness, or Obstacle

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When the Two of Swords appears as a negative, weakness, or blockage in a Tarot card spread, this can mean that you and your person of interest are too much alike. You’re both stubborn and don’t want to admit when you’re wrong. 

The Two of Swords is also your disadvantage because your arguments often go nowhere. You believe that all conflicts must have a winner. Your approach guarantees that nothing positive will ever come from this situation.  

Finally, the Two of Swords will appear as a disadvantage when the person you’re competing against will be hard to beat. You don’t currently have the strength or stamina needed to win this war. 

The Two of Swords as a Positive, Strength, or Advantage

When it appears in a Tarot spread as a positive, strength, or advantage, the Two of Swords means that you and another person who you’re reading about are well-matched. You’re both on the same level with regard to your intellect, hobbies, or interests. 

Alternatively, the Two of Swords can mean that your inability to back down from a challenge is an advantage. You’re not going to roll over and let people intimidate you.

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