Stop Shitting Yourself Before Every Reading

I’m sure that you love what you do. 

Your Tarot, Lenormand, and other types of psychic readings have had an impact on the world. 

There’s at least one time in your life where your the accuracy of your readings have blown the seeker out of the water. 

However, there is a downside to reading other people. That downside is that you can sometimes get negative reviews. This not-so-great feedback can damage your confidence and impact your self-esteem. 

If you’ve not yet had the misfortune of receiving negative feedback, this may be something you worry about tremendously. Most of my students who worry about reading other people do not want to do so because they are scared that they will get a bad review. 

The prospect of receiving a bad review can even put would-be readers off and stop them from spreading their wings. 

I don’t want you to worry one minute about getting a bad review. I don’t want you to stress over any bad feedback you have already received.

That’s why I created the Confident Mystic Workshop. I previously presented this workshop to over 400 divination practitioners just like you who needed a boast in confident.

And now you can watch this hour-long workshop, for free and on demand.

This workshop can be attended 100% online using mobile, tablet, or computer. 

During the workshop, I covered:

  • What you should do when clients review you badly
  • How you can handle trolls on your Instagram, YouTube videos, or Facebook pages
  • Discern whether a complaint is genuine or just the seeker trying to get their money back

At the end of the workshop, I also answer questions from my community including, “What if the seeker’s feedback matches my worst nightmare?” Or, “Should I hide negative reviews?” Plus, “What if my friends/family attack my readings for religious reasons?” And more!

You can register for the workshop here: 

Go Into Every Reading With Confidence

Watch the free, online workshop that will teach you how you can go into every reading with absolute confidence.

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    Enjoy the workshop, and I will chat soon!

    Lisa xx

    About Your Host

    Lisa Boswell is a professional divination coach, fortune-teller and entrepreneur. She runs a website dedicated to teaching predictive divination. 

    Born a Romany Gypsy, Lisa has had an active interest in the occult from a young age. Lisa advocates the use of signs for navigating life. She believes that true spirituality is personal to the individual and doesn’t have to be complicated. 

    In 2014 Lisa received the Young Tarosophist of the Year Award by The Tarosophy Tarot Association. She has appeared on the radio, in magazines and on television worldwide and has been teaching divination full-time since 2017. 

    When not guiding clients towards their destiny Lisa stays at home with her daughter Candyce, partner and cats, Billy Jean and Mushu. She believes in true love, fairy tales, destiny, dreaming big and staying grounded. 

    “I look forward to presenting this workshop for you!” – Lisa xx

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